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Camera Tripod

A camera tripod is a three-legged stand or support system designed to hold a camera or camcorder in a stable and fixed position. It’s an essential tool for photographers and videographers to achieve sharp and clear images or videos, especially in situations where long exposures are needed, or the camera needs to remain steady for an extended period.

Web Cam

A webcam, short for “web camera,” is a compact digital camera device designed for capturing video and audio that is typically used for online communication, video conferencing, live streaming, and recording videos. Webcams are commonly built into laptops, desktop computers, or external monitors, but standalone webcams are also available.

Wi-Fi Adapter

A Wi-Fi adapter, also known as a wireless network adapter or wireless adapter, is a hardware device that allows a computer, laptop, or other device to connect to a Wi-Fi (wireless) network. These adapters come in various forms, including USB dongles, PCIe cards, and built-in modules for laptops. Wi-Fi adapters enable devices to access the internet and local network resources wirelessly by connecting to a Wi-Fi router or access point.